Neil Gordon

Neil Gordon, born in Jamaica.

I have four children, the youngest of which is 19 years old.

I grew up and was educated in the UK until I finished college level. I am currently living in Sweden. Before starting this company Cognizance, I worked for many years in the IT  industry. In this industry I held many titles: systems analyst, network technician, specialist trainer and finally junior director in a PLC company in charge of IT training, IT implementation, and all of the hardware in the company.

In 1995 I discovered the direct sales industry. Since then I have been involved in Multi Level Marketing (MLM)  and network marketing. I have built large teams and had major international successes, in countries such as India, United States and many European countries.

The success was due to educating and training these teams. Because of this I found myself on stage a lot.
I really thought I was a very good presenter, until I went on my first speaking course and realised how much I needed to learn. in the following years I spend a lot of time and money improving my speaking skills. So much so, that I started to teach other people how to speak from stage.