This workshop is the next step on Stage Presence.

It focuses more on how YOU Speak, Your Tonality …..
and it’s charactaristics….The Consious Message.
When to raise Your Voice…… when to soften Your Voice.
How to give Instructions to the Audience,….
How to ask for their Paricipation….
How you can move your Audience to tears…..
And how you can make them Laugh!..
You’ll be introduced to the Satir set and many…. many…
more Power Postures..

Crystal Clear is the nex layer because it now teaches you to Align
you Tonality with you Body Language!

When you want to participate you need to have done Stage Presence I first.

Price for this 2 day workshop is €397 (ex VAT).
If you want to do Stage Presence I (March 23th) and Crystal Clear as a package you only pay € 447 (ex VAT) !